B A B E S C H Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology
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Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology


BABESCH (formerly Bulletin Antieke Beschaving) is a peer-reviewed periodical, published annually since its foundation in 1926. One of the main objectives of this established journal is to provide a forum for archaeologists whose research and fieldwork focus on Mediterranean Archaeology. Read more...

Announcement of the most recent BABESCH Supplement

Caddeddi on the Tellaro
A late Roman Villa in Sicily and its Mosaics

BABESCH Supplement 28

Roger Wilson

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Articles in the current issue, volume 91 - 2016
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Tom Rasmussen
Interpretations of the Chigi Vase

Jan G. Velsink
Two Minoan Moulds for Small Cult Objects Reconsidered

Katharina Meinecke
Antike Dornausziehergruppen

Katia Margariti
A Mother’s Gaze: Death and Orphanhood on Classical Attic Grave Reliefs

Helke Kammerer-Grothaus
Grabbauten in opus latericium an der 5. Meile der Via Appia antica

Stephan Lehmann
Kassiber an den Doktorvater
Erinnerungen zum zweiten Todestag des Bonner Archäologen Nikolaus Himmelmann

Feyo L. Schuddeboom
The Decline and Fall of the Mithraea of Rome

John Papadopoulos
The Natural History of a Caeretan Hydria

David Ojeda Nogales
Torlonia Relief Inv No 430.
The figure on the Lighthouse

Daphne Lentjes & Giulia Saltini Semerari
Big Debates over Small Fruits
Wine and Oil production in Protohistoric Southern Italy (ca 1350-750 BC)

Alessandra Avagliano
Looking for Herakles at the Slopes of the Vesuvius