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Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology


BABESCH (formerly Bulletin Antieke Beschaving) is a peer-reviewed periodical, published annually since its foundation in 1926. One of the main objectives of this established journal is to provide a forum for archaeologists whose research and fieldwork focus on Mediterranean Archaeology. Read more...

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National Museum of Antiquities (Tempelzaal), Rapenburg 28, 2311 EW Leiden

Announcement of the next BABESCH Supplement

Housing and Habitat in the Ancient Mediterranean
Cultural and Environmental Responses

BABESCH Supplement 26

edited by

A. Andrea Di Castro and Colin A. Hope, and assisted by Bruce E. Parr

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Articles in the current issue, volume 89 - 2014
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Delphine Madina Tonglet
New attributions to the Sappho-Diosphos Painters’ workshop
A group of black-figure kyathoi reconsidered

Kevin Walsh, Peter Attema and Tymon de Haas
The Pontine Marshes (Central Italy): a case study in wetland historical ecology

R. Goffredo
Città, insediamenti rurali e paesaggi agrari della Daunia tra le guerre sannitiche e l’età post-annibalica

Christoph Ohlig
Das Castellum Aquae in Pompeji
Befundbasierte Analyse oder Rückkehr zu alten Glaubenssätzen?

Guido Petruccioli
The Cancelleria Reliefs, Vespasian the Younger, and Domitian’s dynastic program

J.M. Hemelrijk
Emilie Haspels and the Fortresses and Monuments of the Phrygian Highlands

Christel Veen
Bacchus and Jupiter-Ammon, two bronze sculptures from Roman Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Jelena Martini
Wer badet wo und mit wem?
Repräsentations-, Privat- und Dienerschaftsbäder in den kaiserlichen Residenzen der römischen Epoche