B A B E S C H Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology

Eric M. Moormann and Miguel John Versluys
The Nemrud Dag Project
First interim report

The Nemrud Dag is one of Turkey's most important archaeological sites. It has not been studied profoundly yet, because of its specific character, blending, as the original excavator Theresa Goell states, Graeco-Roman and Persian influences. In 2001 the University of Amsterdam started a project recording all the materials of the Nemrud Dag with an interdisciplinary team in order to create a exhaustive Site Information System (SIS) (comparable to a microtopographical Geographic Information System (GIS)). The first research showed the necessity of renewed studies as the excavation report were delayed and vital information was missing. This first interim reports provide the first detailed information on the site. Obviously, only at the final publication final conclusions will be formulated.

Article in volume 77, 2002, pages 73-111

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