B A B E S C H Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology

Eric M. Moormann and Miguel John Versluys With contributions by: Abraham van As, Bernd Fitzner, Kurt Heinrichs & Dennis La Bouchardiere, Predrag Gavrilovic, Onno van Nijf & Frits Steenhuisen and Tesse D. Stek & Ellen Thiermann
The Nemrud Dag Project

Second interim report

The Second Campaign at Nemrud Dag concentrated on the preparation and implementation of a restoration and conservation programm. The sandstone slabs at the West Terrace had partly fallen down and all of them show severe damages on the relief surfaces. A snow fence was constructed at their backs that should prevent snow pulling down the remaining stelae. At the East Terrace we experimented hoisting the elements of the limestone colossal statues with a large professional crane. The heads of the five human figures and the four animals were placed in front of the statues as was done with some other fragments. We studied the possibility of stabilisation of the bases and the rocks underneath the statues. These results can be of great profit during the future campaigns that aim at a restabilisation of these statues. The archaeological work focused on the documentation (SIS) and interpretation. Futhermore epigraphic remains were studied with the help of a digital scanner. Artefacts from the monument were sampled and ceramic finds were analysed.

Article in volume 78, 2003, pages 141-166

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