B A B E S C H Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology

Eric M. Moormann and Miguel John Versluys, with contributions by Tesse D. Stek and Ellen Thiermann
The Nemrud Dag Project: third interim repor

The third campaign of the Nemrud Dag&Mac249; Project, in 2003, primarily aimed at the protection and conservation of the four tuffit dexiosis reliefs and the lion horoscope on the West Terrace. These were brought to a temporary on-site restoration laboratory, where, in the next years, they will be treated. Furthermore, the statue of Antiochos on the East Terrace was restored by partial dismantling and rebuilding, and the northern statue of the Eagle and the base were partly restored; a job to be fully completed in the next campaign. This work also resulted in some new observations concerning stone working techniques, building structure, letter marks and style of the colossi. The archaeological work furthermore consisted of documentation (SIS) and taking an inventory of remains from Nemrud Dag&Mac249; in the storerooms of the museum of Ad&Mac245;yaman. This report also contains an essay on the life and work of Theresa Goell, Nemrud Dag&Mac249;'s main explorer in the last century.

Article in volume 80, 2005, pages 125-143

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