B A B E S C H Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology

Angelo Verlinde
Monumental Architecture in Hellenistic and Julio-Claudian Pessinus

During the first two decades of the Ghent excavations, it was thought that the area of the Tiberian sanctuary in Pessinus had been of little importance in Hellenistic times. It is probably true that the Hellenistic sanctuary of Cybele, as bequeathed by the Attalids of Pergamum, should not be identified with any of the structures found in the temple area. However, excavations have increasingly shown that the priests of Cybele may well have been involved in major building projects during the Hellenistic period in this particular part of Pessinus. Subsequently, the dawn of the Roman provincial era did not only witness a new sanctuary, it also brought along a very unambiguous urbanistic approach. With respect to the known history of the city, one may discern important symbols of and shifts in power in the genesis and destruction of these buildings.

Article in volume 85, 2010, pages 111-139

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