B A B E S C H Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology

The Board of the BABESCH Foundation presents

The EIGHth Annual Byvanck Lecture

Tuesday 25 November 2014
at the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Lawrence Stager
'Rites of Spring in the Carthaginian Tophet'

The 8th edition of the BABESCH Byvanck Lecture has been a great success. Some 170 people attended the Lecture of Prof. Lawrence Stager (Harvard) in the prestigious Taffeh Hall of the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities at Leiden. The title of his talk 'Rites of Spring in the Carthaginian Tophet' already betrayed the conclusion of his reconstruction of the ritual that took place at the 'Precinct of Tanit', better known as the Tophet.

The lecture was preceded by a short ceremony in which the winner of this year's BABESCH Byvanck Award, Guido Petruccioli (Rome), received the Award and presented a summary of his winning article 'The Cancelleria reliefs, Vespasian the younger, and Domitian’s dynastic program'. The abstract of this article can be viewed here.

After the lecture the audience had the unique possibility to visit the exhibition on Carthage www.rmo.nl, by way of a preview (the official opening took place one day later) and to enjoy an animated reception.

This year for the first time, the board of the BABESCH Foundation presented a printed version of the lecture to the attending audience. The PDF of this booklet can be downloaded here.

The anual BABESCH Byvanck Lecture has become a well-established tradition and THE meeting-place for all professionally or by passion interested in Mediterranean Archaeology.

Held for the first time in 2007, the Byvanck Lecture is the result of a generous donation from the bequest of the late Lily Byvanck-Quarles van Ufford, who has for many years been the driving force of our periodical BABESCH (formerly Bulletin Antieke Beschaving). The foundation set up in her name aims to further the scholarship of Archaeology and the quality of the publication she held so dear - in other words for the past to have a future, and so continue her work.

The subject of the Byvanck Lecture alternates each year between Greek and Roman.

The Byvanck Lecture is organised in conjunction with the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, and thanks to the Byvanck Foundation the admission is free.

We look forward to sharing the past with you in the future.